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HEPA Filter for Neo/Athena (OFAN-01)


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Improve the air quality on your bedroom, living room and to your home office. If you are still looking for a perfect air filter replacement that does 99.95% of the job of filtering all kind of nasty air pollutants, this 3 in 1 Smart Air Purifier HEPA Filter is your combatant and armor.

An easy to use smart air filter so you can always make sure you're protected 24/7. Sensitive enough to filter all kinds of smelly gases and can actually help you breath better in the morning. You can say goodbye to waking up with runny nose and say no to disappointing odors.

Even so, no more hard times for your visitors staying long at your house since this 3 in 1 smart air purifier HEPA filter replacement can took care of dog's hair and dander. A truly smart, super quiet, easy to use and works within minutes.

How It Works

This 3 - 1 Smart Air Purifier HEPA Filter Replacement is used by One Products' NEO Smart Air Purifier OSAP01 and ATHENA Smart Air Purifier OSAP02.

The first layer pre-filter catches large particles such as hair, dust and pet dander.

The second layer is the true HEPA Filter and works as an air sanitizer. This filter removes air pollutants such as viruses, pollens, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, gases, cigarette smokes and many more.

The third layer is called the Active Carbon Filter, absorbing odors, benzene and formaldehyde. A 3 in 1 Smart Air Purifier filter that provides high quality air filtration by removing 99.97% of air pollutants.

A HEPA filter that is highly efficient and helps provide a better breathing environment.


  • Fits NEO SMART Air Purifier OSAP01 Smart and Athena SMART Air Purifier OSAP02 
  • Eliminate 99.97% of odors and particles 
  • Removes toxins from any home, office, apartment, or workroom 
  • HEPA level H11 or custom H13

What is smoke absorption benchmark in the air purifier industry?

There is no benchmark for the smoke absorption, it was rather determined by the CADR / Clean Air Delivery Rate of the air purifiers.  The higher CADR means faster smoke absorption.  The CADR for both NEO and Athena are 400 m³/h .

How long can we use the filter or when does it needs to be replaced?

This 3in 1 smart air purifier HEPA filter is good for 3 to 6 months of use.

Download Guide

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