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ONE Personal Collection

ONE Personal Collection Makeup Mirror and LED Lights (White)

ONE Personal Collection Makeup Mirror and LED Lights (White)

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  • 12x High Lumen Output LED Bulbs
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • 3 Light Modes (natural, warm, cool)
  • Touch Control
  • Memory Function
  • 360° Rotation
  • White Finish
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Complement your vanity with the Hollywood styled ONE Home Collection LED Beauty Mirror. This mirror is designed in a stylish white finish and with high-definition eco-friendly glass. It comes with 12 LED Light bulbs that you can adjust the brightness. Shift between 3 light modes (Natural, Warm, and Cool) by using the touch control sensor. Tilt the mirror in various angles with the included 360 degree rotation swivel to get the perfect position needed to achieve your makeup looks. 

ONE Home Collection LED Beauty Mirror provides the perfect platform to follow your favorite make-up tutorials or get creative. Adjustable Brightness & 3 Light Modes (Natural, Warm and Cool light) settings to meet any lighting situation. ONE Home Collection LED Beauty Mirror has a Hollywood style design which has 12 LED bulbs surrounding the mirror. It can be placed on top of your vanity table in bathroom or studio workshop. Equipped with swivel stand, we can tilt the mirror to fit for different angles. Our LED Beauty Mirror is perfect for commercial areas such as hair salon, wedding or movie dressing room.