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ONE Products Under Cabinet Motion Sensor Rechargeable UV Sterilizing Lamp LED Light (OPLU002-300)

ONE Products Under Cabinet Motion Sensor Rechargeable UV Sterilizing Lamp LED Light (OPLU002-300)

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  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Easy Magnetic Installation
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Function Lighting: Sterilization Mode and Light Mode
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Product Document and Information

With simple magnetic installation, you can easily place this item in any cabinet or closet and let it do all the work. OPLU002-300 has the capacity to kill thousands of bacteria behind closed doors. The dual function lighting offers both Sterilization Mode and Light Mode. Thanks to the PIR Motion Sensor, the OPLU002-300 will provide standard lighting when motion is sensed, and UV Sterilization once inactive for 20 seconds or more. This means that behind closed doors, the OPLU002-300 is getting to work sanitizing your clothing and belongings. Once the doors are opened, you have a great light available to help clearly see everything you need. You can trust that you and your loved ones’ belongings are protected from bacteria when using this product. 

The Lithium Rechargeable Battery allows for easy charging via USB, removing the hassle of making sure you have the property batteries available. Easy magnetic installation means you can remove the OPLU002-300 for charging and re-install without any hassle. 

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