About One Products

What is ONE Products by Promounts?

Founded in 2004 with just a handful of employees and a dedication to our clients, we here at Promounts aim to provide high quality consumer goods to our customers around the world. Over the past 14 years, as we continue to grow, we have been able to expand to new markets and push for a truly hands on and personal customer experience. It is our pride and our passion to help you find the perfect product for your needs, even if that product isn’t in our lineup. With these attributes, we continue to impress and surprise even our harshest critics and competitors, all the while gaining a well-structured and caring reputation that continues to grow each and every day.

We began in the field of flat panel displays, focusing on the slimmest possible solutions to mounting your TV. Since then we have begun expanding our brands and products outward to better address our consumer’s needs. We now cover a wide array of mounting solutions including flat panel mounts, home theater mounting equipment, speaker mounting solutions, cable management systems, and TV safety accessories. In addition, within the past few years we have broken out of this field to expand and meet even more consumer needs. In 2016 we went through our first major branding phase in which our main Promounts line was restructured and our new APEX and ONE mount lines were born. 2017 and 2018 saw the addition of the One Power brand, a line focusing on well-developed surge protectors and power solutions, and our One Audio Brand, which focuses on both portable and party speakers alike. 2019 is scheduled to see additional growth as well, introduce new products and our newest line up of cables, ONE Cable.

We have been fortunate to have grown so rapidly in such a short amount of time and our success is in part from our dedication and commitment to our products and partners, but nothing can compare to the overwhelmingly positive response we have been able to obtain from our customers and clientele. People are the lifeblood of our company, both those inside and outside of the office and we thank you for choosing us as your product solution.