About Us

About One Products

Established in 2004, our focus at Promounts from day 1 was to deliver affordable innovation to consumers. Our journey started with flat panel mounting technology.  We set out to create the most diverse and consumer friendly line of mounts which resulted in our becoming one of the leading industry innovators.  

From there, we set out to impact more areas of a consumer's home that lead us to innovating new product categories.

Given our core mission to deliver affordable innovation to consumers, our product and design teams are constantly communicating with consumers, observing trends, and determining how we can make the most impact.  This has lead us to develop new Smart and Connected home devices.  

 Our branded product success has also given us the ability to license, source, and private label products with a select number of strategic partners.  

 Today, we serve as a strategic solutions provider to many of our partners which include key OEM, Retail, and Wholesale companies.